The JK Movement Program:

The JK Movement offers at-risk youth the opportunity to work with caring mentors. The JK Movement program is designed to empower youth with a “can do” spirit as they become healthy citizens within their communities.


To complement the program growth, three cycles are in place to ensure program quality:

1.   Mentor+Youth-led = group planning and decision-making.

2.   Learn by Doing = hands on participation, able to reflect on their experiences and accomplishments, applying what they have learned to future activities.

3.   Cooperative Learning = work together toward shared goals with respect and generosity as a pre-requisite of  these activities.

Overall Goals

  • The overall goals of The JK Movement are to help each youth:

  • Develop to full individual potential

  • Relate to others with increasing understanding, skill & respect

  • Develop values to guide sound decision-making

  • Contribute to the improvement of society