The JK Movement Spotlight is a place to recognize the great people who have been apart of this program.


Seth Zeitcheck

Seth Zeitchick is an incoming Sophomore at Gustavus Adolphus (he is a student-athlete as well). Below is the testimony of his JK Movement experience and how he is implying it today. A young man who I’ve had the fortune to watch grow and continue to grow into a great man. He is going places and I’m/we are extremely proud of him. Keep Making it Happen Young Man! Dopeness!!! ⠀

"I have learned that nothing is going to be easy. The JK Movement taught me how to balance both school and sports. This has helped ease the way I am playing football in college currently. It has taught me to be responsible for how I manage my time by trying to find time between school and sports to complete homework as well as work. It has helped me become better at managing my busy schedule. It has taught me the value of a community as well. Everyone a part of the JK movement has been through or are going through the same obstacles I am going through. The people and mentors involved have helped me grow stronger as a student, athlete and as a member of my community.⠀

I want to be able to volunteer for the JK movement in order to give back and tell my story as well. I want to help young student-athletes find a balance between their priorities in and out of the classroom. I hope to be able to donate money back to the JK movement after achieving my career status, as I owe what I have to achieve to the movement. I wish for the JK movement to grow and I plan to give back in order for young student-athletes to have the same experience I had with the JK movement."


Leul Lemma

Leul Lemma is a young man who approached me back when he was a Freshman at Highland Park Sr. I knew from that first day that he was going to be a driven and passionate Young Man! Leul is taking care of Major Business up North and I’m so proud of him and his Grind.  Keep Making it Happen Young Man L! We see YOU!!!

"The JK movement has taught me to never give up. I remember being in summer SAQ and something a coach said that I still remember to this day is “Be comfortable being uncomfortable” and I try to live by that as much as I can. College is tough and most of the time can make you very uncomfortable but once you’re used to being uncomfortable you can easily deal with it and progress. On the other side of the struggle is where you find your success and I learned that from Johnny. It has really helped me manage school and prepare for college football.⠀

Once I graduate and find myself financially stable, I would like to give funding to the JK movement so they can mentor others the same way they did me. I feel like this program really builds a person through many different ways and as a person that got to experience it, there’s no way I wouldn’t help. I would also consider being a mentor myself if my schedule allows it."


Cain Russell

I knew from day one at Highland that Cain was going to a young man with dignity and purpose. This young man is a gifted, talented, and just an overall great young man. He is a Sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is already making a name for himself on campus! Keep Doing The Do Young Man! We are proud of YOU! Go Get It! ⠀

“What I learned from the JK Movement is the importance of consistency. I have been incorporating it and working on it as a freshman through my first year of college. I know that it is vital for me to succeed in not only in academics but also in keeping myself healthy.⠀

 I would love to come back to volunteer and mentor those who are learning in the JK Movement. I learned many important lessons during my time in the organization and I have been using them in my everyday life. I want to tell others about how these important lessons have benefited me greatly to help with the growth of those who are determined”


David Frimpong

This young man is the TRUTH! I remember David telling me as a high school freshman, that he was going to be a Doctor. Guess what, he is a Sophomore at Augsburg University pursuing his medical degree and then off to medical school to be official! This young man is FOCUS ya! Keep Making it Happen, David, we are proud of you, Dopeness!!! 

“One thing I’ve learned from the JK Movement is on how to be a great leader. A great leader isn’t someone who bosses everyone around but someone who works with their peers on achieving the task at hand. And as a leader I have to act as an example for everyone around me, so I have to think twice on doing something if it’s the right thing to do or not.⠀

 What I would like to give back to the JK Movement, when I become a doctor, is to give my time mentoring some children and showing them that with hard work and faith you too can reach your goals.”⠀


Yeabsira Tekesta

This young man is a quiet soul, but has a major kind heart. He’s pretty funny as well. Being able to mentor Yeab has been a Blessing. He is taking care of business at the University of St. Thomas Dougherty Family College. He is working towards being in the Sports Medicine world after graduating. Keep doing the do Yeab, you’re a Rock Star, Dopeness!!!

“I have learned many things since joining the jk movement but one main skill that has helped me throughout my first semester of college is setting my priorities. I was able to get my work done in both school and the gym and have time for social activities. ⠀

Once I am set with a career I would love to spend some of my free time and volunteer at JK Movement. I would also donate to help the program.”⠀


Joe Mather

Joe Cool has always led by example. Fun Fact, Joe took part in our Afterschool Leadership Program at Highland Jr. High under Flipside (a true original). Joe is demonstrating his leadership skills as a student-athlete at the University of South Dakota; where he is majoring in Special Education. Keep doing the do Joe.


Amen-Pierre Sessou

Amen-Pierre is an example of perseverance, grit, and maturity. This young man is a special talent that has become a humble young man.  Amen-Pierre is demonstrating his leadership as a student athlete at Central Lakes College, where he is undecided but will receive his AA. Do tha Do APS, We’re proud of YOU!

“My name is Amen-Pierre. I am a highland park Alum and a student at Central Lakes College class of 2021.  As I was young men going through high school, one thing that Johnny taught me well is that I am a student-athlete and not an Athlete-Student. The key is that even though we may accomplish great things in our athletic careers, none of that is possible without taking care of business in the classroom. I’m in my sophomore year of college now and our 2020 season got cancelled due to COVID; so right now staying on top of my studies is the best way for me to stay on the right path To achieving my goals. I want to volunteer my time with the JK Movement and give back the program that helped me become who I am today.”


Kojo Frimpong

Kojo is a Smart, Young, and Confident Young Man who is a  freshman at The University of Saint Thomas.  I knew this Young Man had swag the first day I met him. His style is cool and his FOCUS is just like his older brother David. He is making moves as a Tommie and We’re extremely proud of it! Keep Making it Happen Kojo!

“I tell myself this everyday. College is a grind. And I also tell myself everyday that nobody is more successful, you got to go out there and get it, you got to grind. One thing the JK Movement has taught me was that in order to improve or better yourself you have to work hard for it. Rarely anything in life comes easy. So right now in college, I’m practicing persistence and determination, and I am also practicing hard work. These are the skills that I learned and developed through the JK Movement, and continuing to use during my time in college. I’m super thankful and blessed for the experience of the JK Movement.

There are a bunch of things the JK Movement has done for me and other people I surround myself with, so I would love to do everything I could to help the organization. I wasn’t always the smartest kid, but I always did more than enough to get through. One thing I would do to give back to the JK Movement once I achieve my career status is volunteering my time to help kids and teens just getting into the program. I would especially be down to mentor a few kids.”


Joey Koehler

Joey is a Senior at Highland Park Sr High.  Since meeting Joey his freshman year, I’ve always believed in this young man! Joey is the type of Student Athlete you want on your side. He’s an extremely hard worker in the books and as an athlete. He is goal driven and I know for a fact that he is going to be successful out here. He truly goes hard in the paint. Keep that DRIVE going Joey, We See YOU! 

“A huge thing I have taken away from the JK Movement is perseverance and dedication. It's really hard with distance learning and even though it's tough it has to be done and to the best of what I can do.

I’d definitely give back to the JK movement by volunteering and by donating because the JK movement has helped me in many different ways and these are just 2 ways I'm able to give back to the JK movement.”


Charlie Fragassi

Big C is a sophomore at Highland Park Sr. High. Yo, this young man is all about action. Ever since I’ve known this young man, his business is his family, books (school), and, sports. He definitely leads by his actions. That is why I have nothing but Luv for Charlie and his family. He is one of these young student athletes that you know is going to make it happen! We’re proud of you Charlie, Dopeness! ⠀

“A few things I’ve learned from the JK movement are how to be a great leader to all my peers and elders, I have also learned how to manage my time with balancing school, friends, etc. The JK movement has affected my life in a very positive manner, it has helped me become a better student and person. I’m using my quick thinking and time management skills from the JK movement in school! ⠀

I would love to give back to Johnny and the JK movement once I get older, I really want to find a way to help volunteer and in the future give donations to help out.” ⠀


Jin Vang

Jin is a senior at Highland Park where I've witnessed this student athlete become the young man he has become. From his Freshman year to now, his leadership skills have been a pleasure to see. Hard Work = Great Rewards and Jin has the focus plus the determination to be successful out here and that's what’s up Keep Making It Happen Jin, we’re proud of you! ⠀

“The JK Movement has always made it clear to me that the best effort gives way to success. I learned that one must give their best effort to always learn and improve in what they do no matter what. It’s helped me attain the academic discipline necessary for school and the discipline fit for an athlete.⠀

After I achieve career status I would like to help mentor and volunteer for new members of the JK movement. The JK movement has helped me physically and mentally prepare for major life tasks. I would like to help so that more people can benefit from the movement’s teachings.”⠀


Isaac Foster

Isaac is a senior at Highland Park where he’s a student athlete that takes care of his books in the classroom and the basketball on the court. He also enjoys traveling. I love the fact that Isaac is taking care of his business and enjoying those rewards! That’s what’s up Keep Making It Happen Isaac, we’re proud of you! ⠀

“One thing I’ve taken from the Jk movement is work ethic. Over high school, I’ve learned you need to work hard to get your assignments done on time. It also applies to my job. One thing I’d like to give back to the Jk movement is time because older kids have taught me lessons which I’ve been able to pass down and would like to continue to pass down.”⠀


Ernie Bell

Ernie is a Junior at Highland Park Sr High. Another young man who I met as a Freshman, Ernie has and is continuing to be an all around great kid! Taking care of business in the classroom and on the field, I am extremely proud of his growth in becoming that dude. Keep Doing Tha Do Big E, we’re proud of you. Oh yeah, I still got you for what you did about me on your page a while back, LOL  

“One thing I’ve learned from the JK Movement is that the grind is long but it’s always worth it. The JK Movement taught me that the road isn’t easy and that you have to power through no matter how hard it is, never quitting on yourself. It has also taught me doing the little things help. Little things such as homework and studying have really helped me throughout high school. In the sports part it also taught me how to lead and teach. Everything the JK Movement has done is super helpful from hard workouts in the hot summer to the leadership in the classrooms teaching life lessons. All things that’ll further me in life.

One thing I will definitely give back to the JK Movement is time. I will give my time volunteering, teaching and mentoring kids. I want to do this so I know somebody got the help I got. The things the JK Movement has taught me I want to teach others and make an impact on a life how mine was impacted.”


Henry Gliedman

Henry is a prime example of what The JK Movement is all about. From his Freshman year participating with our SAQ Summer Camp; to being a four year Honor Sr, Henry has demonstrated what Hard Work, Grit, Dedication and Self Belief are all about. We’re proud of you Hen Dogg, Keep Doing Tha Do! ⠀

“There are a lot of lessons that I have taken from the JK movement throughout high school. The biggest lesson that I learned is that the best way to achieve success is by working hard. You aren’t successful at most things because of chance or by getting lucky, a lot of the times you are successful by working hard every day to realize your goals. The second thing that I really learned from the JK Movement is to value every opportunity that you get and to give maximum effort to anything you do. Opportunities for you to be successful will be there in life. Success is created when you take those opportunities and run with them as opposed to letting them slip by. Also when something that you want comes along, you have to give maximum effort to go get whatever you want each and every day.⠀

One thing that I would love to give back to the JK movement would be volunteering if I can, or giving money to support the program. This program really benefited me in all aspects of my life throughout high school and I want to make sure that future years of students can have the same or a better experience with the program that I did.”⠀


Shaun Pierce

Shaun is a Junior at Cretin-Derham Hall High School. This Young Man I met as an 8th grader. Shaun was and still is a honor student who will be very successful out here! His confidence is 100 Grand and I Love That!I also love the fact that his mother trusted me to be one of his mentors and build a lifelong friendship (thanks Mom!) with them! Pure Dopeness witnessing Greatest with our Young Ones! We’re proud of you Shaun! Keep Making it Happen ⠀

“One thing I have learned from the JK  movement is hard work pays off. From the weight room to the classroom. The JK movement helped me gain confidence in the classroom. I wasn't afraid to ask for help. Or ask a question. It helped me realize that it's okay to not know what you are doing.⠀

When I am successful I will be planning on giving back to the JK movement with Donations and speaking with the younger kids.”⠀


Noah Snyder

Noah is a Senior at Highland Park Sr High. This Young Man I met as a Freshman during our SAQ Summer Camp. From that point on, I’ve been fortunate to experience his journey as a student athlete. He’s Bright, Ambitious, and a Cool kid; who’s going to be Successful out here.  As with most of the young people, he’s funny too. We’re proud of you Noah! Keep Making it Happen

“Something I’ve taken away from the JK program is hard work and dedication to the task at hand. As a full IB student, scout, and an athlete, my schedule requires a lot of focus and follow-through and the JK movement has taught me that as well as kept me physically fit and given me an activity during the summer.

One thing I’d like to give back to the JK movement is certainly time. This movement is very important not just to me but to all the kids that participate, so I’d definitely give back through volunteering for coach Johnny as well as all the other great coaches I’ve had these past few summers.”