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We’re Making Headway with $25.00 and Under Fund Drive

Making a difference for our students


Update on the $25 and Under Fundraiser:

As of July 18th, we have raised $562 dollars!  Thanks to all of you who have donated toward this project!  We are very grateful and appreciate your support.  We now have a NEW challenge for our fundraising efforts.

An anonymous donor has contributed $100 dollars. This generous benefactor is willing to match other $100 donations up to $5,000! It’s time for us reach $5,000 NOW people! Your belief in the JK Movement makes this a real possibility! Won’t you accept the challenge for the sake of the kids?

Let’s put it in perspective: a new pair of Air Jordans – about $190; a dinner for two at The Melting Pot – approximately $135; season pass for 5 days of golfing – $1200; Flex Plan for Twins tickets – $440; a 6 concert subscription package for the Minnesota Orchestra – $140 – $528.

Accept the challenge! For the next few days – until the campaign ends on July 27th, your $100 contribution will turn into $200!! We think the kids are worth it, How about you? Send your contribution today and let’s make it happen!!

There are two ways to contribute:  Go to our PayPal account, Paypal.me/TheJKMovement or mail your contribution to: The JK Movement, PO Box 7844, Saint Paul, MN 55107.  Thanks again for your support and believing in The JK Movement.


Johnny Allen Jr.


*Contributions to the The JK Movement are deemed charitable under section 501(a) of the internal revenue code as an organization described in section 501(c)(3) US Federal Tax ID 45-5052650.  Please consult your accountant for any clarifications.  There is no minimum contribution amount. For more information please call 651-558-7815 or email to thejkmovement@gmail.com.

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