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The JK Movement Acknowledgment Event! Saturday, April 1st 2017

Seeing the smiles on the faces of our youth is what The JK (JohnnyKnuckles) Movement is all about!  We had a GREAT time showing love to our youth, our programs, and our community partners this past Saturday at The JK Movement Acknowledgment Program!  JKM want to thank:


  • Tommy Watson for his influential keynote
  • Hallie Q Brown Community Center for hosting our event
  • Robert Clay, aka, “The Rookie BBQ”, Tiffany Allen (Xtravagant Events & Sweet Treats, and Jocie Thomas (Cozy Kitchen), for the food, treats, and punch (GREAT FEEDBACK by the way)
  • Cory Vaughn (DJ Cory Cutz) for the music
  • Roosevelt Mansfield (DidieMade Photography) for the photos
  • Battle Cave for the very nice programs
  • Our Youth, Board Members, Community Partners, and people of the public who took the time to come and enjoy this event!

This is our purpose and passion.  We will continue to grow and strive for youth leadership and community involvement!

Johnny Allen Jr.

The JK Movement

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