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Suggested Donation: $100.00

Easily donate the amount you feel is appropriate by entering the dollar amount in this initial page and walk through to the final Checkout Page.

Minimum Donation: $10.00


What a wonderful gift you can bring to a youth today and The JK Movement by helping support our efforts to mentor middle and high school age youth. It’s our motivation to get our students to take leadership roles in school, to increase their classroom and afterschool activity participation and in the end, to create a valuable community resident, that desires to serve, is confident in themselves and driven to reach their own personal dreams.

To make a quick donation you just need to add the proper dollar amount you want to donate to The JK Movement. Just click on “set price” button, type in the proper dollar amount from $10 and on up to 1,000.00. Then, click on the “go to the cart” button, and once you’re in the cart please look over the total amount entered to insure it is correct, and finally, mouse over to click on the “Proceed to Checkout” button. Here you will fill in your required personal information and your chosen payment method (Payment by Check or by PayPal).

If Payment by Check, please send to our P.O. Box by and call The JK Movement to inform usĀ of your planned donation and expected arrival and shipment method to insure receipt of your gift.

We thank you from deep within our hearts for your financial support and personal act of kindness!