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The JK Movement Program:

The JK Movement offers at-risk youth the opportunity to work with caring mentors. The JK Movement program is designed to empower youth with a “can do” spirit as they become healthy citizens within their communities.

To complement the program growth, three cycles are in place to ensure program quality:
1. Mentor+Youth-led = group planning and decision-making.

2. Learn by Doing = hands on participation, able to reflect on their experiences and accomplishments, applying what they have learned to future activities.

3. Cooperative Learning = work together toward shared goals with respect and generosity as a
pre-requisite of these activities.

Overall Goals
– The overall goals of The JK Movement are to help each youth:
– Develop to full individual potential
– Relate to others with increasing understanding, skill & respect
– Develop values to guide sound decision-making
– Contribute to the improvement of society

Program Areas

Life Skills and Career Development –
Life Skills will also lead with importance of academics, higher education, trade awareness, and preparation for career choices. More information on the life skills curriculum.

Healthy Living –
Youth will develop skills, techniques and tools to educate themselves on healthy relationships, body image, injury and overall healthy living.

Sports Team Leadership Training –
Sports Team Leadership Training will develop responsible, respected youth and potential captains, the necessary skills to discover what it takes to be an effective team leader on and off the playing field.

The JK Movement Mentoring Program (School based / Group mentoring)
The JK Movement Mentoring Program wants to improve overall school achievement, attendance and behavior modification. Our volunteer mentors will represent multi-faceted professions and careers to assist in building a one-on-one trusting, caring, and, supportive relationship with a JKM scholar during school hours and after hours.

Service Mentoring –
Our volunteer mentors will represent multi-facet professions and careers. The mentors will assist in delivering the programs to youth within school settings and service-learning projects.